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One third blog about my (personal) journey as a solo entrepreneur, one third "entertainment" (various articles, quotes and random-ness from Cyberspace that is motivational, inspirational, humourous and fun) and one third anything to do with being your own boss (especially the role and use of social media in business)

Blogging Without Obligation

I got the following article from Flying Solo which is an awesome website for "soloists" (aka solo-prenurs).

Five ways to develop your mental resilience

Tip 1. Understand the ways your business success is not about you …
Tip 2. Understand your business success IS about you.
Tip 3. Use appreciation, not just optimism.
Tip 4. Watch your language.
Tip 5. Goof off.

Craigslist Humour

Blogging Without Obligation

Using the Craigslist Optimizer is one of the many ways I earn an income. I'm not making bundles of money as I do it sporadically. None-the-less, every so often I come across something humourous.

This time it is a guy and his friends who I think really needs to find themselves a Domme (yet they don't know it!)

Looking for Ruth, the Abusive Waitress (Boulder County)

Date: 2009-10-23, 11:30AM MDT
Reply to:

Anyone else remember Ruth whose schtick was to be somewhat abusive in a funny way to the customers? "I'll get to you when I'm good and ready" or "Get your own damn coffee" she'd say with a glint in her eyes. She worked at La Hacienda in boulder about 10 years ago, then somewhere in Longmont, then at a place at Col 119 & I-25. 

If you kno if she is still abusing customers somewhere please let me kno. My friends and I would love to see her and be abused by her again.