Cyberspace In A Blog

One third blog about my (personal) journey as a solo entrepreneur, one third "entertainment" (various articles, quotes and random-ness from Cyberspace that is motivational, inspirational, humourous and fun) and one third anything to do with being your own boss (especially the role and use of social media in business)

The Zhetarn Project

Yesterday I finally got the inspiration to do something with my "Zhetarn" page:

At first I was going to go with a blog.. then decided.. no.. I wanted it to be more of a sales page.. now the next morning I've given it more thought and have decided to make it strictly a sales page with access to me elsewhere on the internet.

Tho' I do plan to update the top portion of it with whatever I find inspiring for that day.

I'll make this my blog where I speak about my journey (highs and lows) as a solo-entrepreneur aka "solo-preneur" as well as other randomness.

So this is blog is now 1/3 personal, 1/3 entertainment (aka "randomness") and 1/3 anything to do with being your own boss (especially the role and use of social media in business).

Right now it is personal.

I am also asking publicly for your opinions on the webpage (not website just webpage) as I continue to tweak and improve it.

"Snowboarding" Encyclopædia Britannica from Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service:
Winter sport that evolved from skateboarding and surfing. Three main styles of competition exist: Alpine, Freestyle, and Boardercross. Developed in the 1960s, Snowboarding was believed to have originated in the United States, where several inventors explored the idea of surfing on the snow. The sport, however, quickly evolved, and the early, rudimentary Snowboards gave way…

It's highly unlikely that there's someone who has never seen nor heard of Snowboarding. But if you really have no idea what Snowboarding is, just imagine it as surfing or skateboarding - only on snow. Snowboarding is a relatively new winter sport wherein you ride an epoxy-fiberglass board (resembling a large skateboard) with your feet strapped on it, and manipulate gravity to go down a ski slope or a specially constructed pipe. The principle of Snowboarding is to maintain your balance as you surf down a ski slope with both feet securely attached to the Snowboard via high-back or non - release plate bindings.

In Skiing, skiers shift their weight from one Ski to the other. In Snowboarding, riders shift their weight from heels (heelside) to toes as well as from one end of the board to the other. To stop the board's motion, they push their heels or toes down hard to dig the edge of the Snowboard into the snow. Although most people compare Snowboarding to Skiing, Snowboarding Techniques are closer to skateboarding and surfing than to Skiing.

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Q: My laptop gets very hot when I use it for any length of time. Is there any danger of the heat damaging my computer?

A: Not really. Most laptops are built to regularly withstand temperatures of at least 95 degrees for years without any issues. And if the temperature does begin to approach a danger area, most modern laptops give you a warning or automatically shut off before any damage can be done.

Still, a hot lap is pretty uncomfortable and may even cause fertility problems for men. A study by the State University of New York at Stony Brook suggests that laptop-generated heat can raise the temperature of sensitive body parts so much that it could lower a man’s sperm count. And it can be pretty aggravating to have your computer shut off while you’re working, so it’s certainly worth it to keep your computer cool.

Laptop fans typically vent out the back, side or bottom of the computer, so try to keep those areas clear of obstruction. And working on a surface that dissipates heat, such as a marble countertop, keeps your machine cooler than working on something like a down comforter, which is also more likely to block computer vents.

You can also buy a laptop pad or stand, such as those made by Belkin and Antec. Not only do they protect your thighs and raise the computer above your work surface, which gives the heat a better chance to escape from the computer’s base, but they also often have extra fans built in.

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