by Rene Godefroy

Do you find yourself butting your head against the wall of success? Are you caught up

in a revolving door going around and around? When you look at where you are in life, do you think you should be further ahead?

Not long ago, I reviewed my goals. If you know me, you might realize that I am a dreamer. I have BIG dreams. But there are days when I, too, am frustrated. I feel like I am spinning my wheels of success in one place.

On the outside, many people think I have it all together. They think I am so successful and I have arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the success I have had so far in my life. I am living my dream in America. I am blessed! I face everyday with excitement and passion.

I am doing something I truly love. My vocation is my vacation. I have friends in high places. I am way ahead of many. Life is wonderful compared to what it was. I am successfully pressing on to greater things. But I have had my share of frustration along the way.