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Craigslist Humour

Blogging Without Obligation

Using the Craigslist Optimizer is one of the many ways I earn an income. I'm not making bundles of money as I do it sporadically. None-the-less, every so often I come across something humourous.

This time it is a guy and his friends who I think really needs to find themselves a Domme (yet they don't know it!)

Looking for Ruth, the Abusive Waitress (Boulder County)

Date: 2009-10-23, 11:30AM MDT
Reply to:

Anyone else remember Ruth whose schtick was to be somewhat abusive in a funny way to the customers? "I'll get to you when I'm good and ready" or "Get your own damn coffee" she'd say with a glint in her eyes. She worked at La Hacienda in boulder about 10 years ago, then somewhere in Longmont, then at a place at Col 119 & I-25. 

If you kno if she is still abusing customers somewhere please let me kno. My friends and I would love to see her and be abused by her again. 

This post is inspired by Chris Brogan's twitter related blog post I read earlier today.

I will quote the section written by the blog author that has inspired me:

I use Twitter as a communications platform. I don’t use it to microblog. Instead of answering the question “What are you doing?”, I answer the question, “What has your attention?” It’s much more fun to answer. I also reply 75-80% of the time in my stream. (Meaning: if you search, you’ll see that most of any page is @ messages.)
Sometimes, I just talk back and forth because that’s a good touchpoint with the folks who want to know me better.
Other times, I promote products, people, services, things that I think are cool. I don’t do it for money. That’s my friend, Ted’s company. I just like promoting good/interesting things. I promote my stuff, too. I do it at about a 12:1 ration (12 them, 1 me).
I use Twitter to learn about other people. I also use it to “look over your shoulder,” if I have to do business with you. Meaning, if I’m going to call Lisa Horner from Citrix Online, I will check out @lisahorner first to see what’s going on, so I know what I’m walking into.
I use Twitter Search before I visit a city, and when I’m in the city, so that I know who’s who in the local scene, and so that I get a sense of WHERE people are hanging out. This kind of info is like mind-reading, and/or it’s a great way to get a leg up on where you’re going from the on-the-ground locals. (try it!)
I ask questions on Twitter all the time. I *love* the human-powered web these days. I don’t ask Google much. I ask Twitter. Why? Because you’re smarter.

Chris. This is how I have developed on Twitter as well!  My main account ( @goldcoastgirl ) is where I am active the most. Where I am "me" to a fault.  Some of my other accounts are less interactive and more focused (less personal yet still has "me" in them in a lesser capacity).

There is a still a part of me that does "micro blog" on Twitter.  Why? Easy! One of my "micro blog" posts might inspire a conversation.  At the same time, my feed is now filled up with answers to the question "What has my attention?"  more than "What am I doing?".

I'm also similar to Chris in that I promote products, people, services, things that I think are cool. Sometimes I do it for ego (vote for me!!!), money and just because I thought others might benefit (it was interesting thus a "non for profit" promotion).

When on Twitter, not only do I learn about other people ... I learn about the world. I usually connect better (more personally) with people on Facebook, in my opinion. Twitter is more global. It is more noisy thus my connections are not as deep. 

Do I ask Twitter questions? Hell yeah!  Here are a few examples today:

what is your opinion about the event being a V8 event now not a V8 and A1GP event? me? NOT A FAN as it is going to (cont)

#HELP Seesmic Desktop vs Tweetdeck ? Which gets your vote and why ?

(still need HELP on that question btw!)

TWEETIE FOR MAC (NOT iPHONE) #HELP !! How do I block people and/or report them for spam not just stop following them ?

(and still need HELP on the above question too!)

In the end, "the human powered web" that Chris talks about is rather awesome and cool. This is why I adore Twitter. This is what I do with Twitter.

Do I still use Google?  Of course!  Just that alongside a search on Google, I'll usually see if one of my tweeps (twitter followers) might be able to be of assistance ?

I am devouring a website I came across a little while ago called Flying Solo. As I am a self employed person in my own solo enterprise as well as working in a micro enterprise I am finding this website wonderful!

I'm posting about one of the videos in particular.

In the video there is a list of "do not" do this and that. Due to my "early childhood training", I learnt that when you speak to a child and you want it to do something.. start with "Do X" not "Don't do X". Example: Walk with the scissors works a lot more successfully with children than "Do not run with the scissors". Serious. I've done this many times in my life and seen the instant results.

None the less, I am going to create a "DO" list to balance the "DO NOT" list in the video:

Start with getting to know the other person. What is their business and interests?  Then introduce yourself and your business.

Be open minded. You never know where your next opportunity or best connections will be born.  For instance, you might find your next big client at the swimming pool where you take your child for swimming lessons. Also, never under-estimate who the person you meet knows in their social circles.

Be "present". Listen. Pay attention to what the person is saying. Be in the "now" with your interaction.

Follow up with the connections you made. Block time out in your day or week for following up, engaging and connecting.

Think long term. Networking is about the bigger picture not the "here and now".  Do not expect instant results.