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Attracting Wealth

Alongside a hindu mantra I purposefully put on loop - I'm also watching the following two YouTube videos up to twice a day. I've been doing this daily for nearly a week. I feel I'm already seeing results. It's helping my mindset immensely. I went thru a rough patch financially (seemed like everyone wanted my money without much money coming into my life aka bank account) and this is helping me get thru it.

Video 1:

Video 2:

I am a monkey...

by: Micheal123

How to build relationships in a way that brings out the best in all? In relationships we come across every sort of emotions - good or bad but few know how to manage the rough times. Here there are some simple laws that act as guideposts, helping us to prevent grave mistakes.

First law states that there is never a lack of relationships. The idea of the scarcity of love by too many person and persuading to cling to whoever comes their way leads them to get involved with the wrong person, or stay in a toxic relationship. It is important to realize that relationships are plentiful.

Second law states that it is important to know who you are and what you are looking for. It is of the utmost importance to respect yourself and sustain your own values, identity and goals because it is easy to get lost in a relationship, to become a pawn in someone else's world losing your own identity. A healthy relationship is a recognition that both partners are equally valuable and share a common goal.

Third law states that be conscious and prudent while choosing your partner for a long term healthy relationship. Be aware of the repetition compulsion that arises due to the unconscious need of yours. Therefore it is suggested that you actively choose different places to go and make a point of choosing individuals who are different from the later.

Fourth law states that avoid being pretentious in your relationship. The plinth of any healthy and happy relationship is based on mutual respect and acceptance and open, honest, communication.

Fifth law states do not manipulate the person whom you love or care. It is important in a relationship that you accept the person as he/she is. If someone feels accepted, they can change themselves, if they want to making your job easy.

Sixth law states to differentiate between infatuation and real Love. Feeling happy, excited, possessive or dependent is simply infatuation, usually based upon fantasy that inevitably fade away with time and is always associated with struggle and pain whereas real love is not based simply upon feelings, which come and go, but on actions.

Seventh law states to focus on the positive points of others as well as yourself. The more we focus upon what is good in a person and let them know, the more better result can be achieved.

The last law reveals that each relationship lasts for a certain time and in that period it is our duty to learn, from one another and when times come for departure thank the person and let go without hesitation and this is the greatest art of relationships.

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